Five plants which are absolutely necessary for healing the body

Mental and physical health are so closely intertwined, that to try to heal properly identified in one disease, often require a potential attempt to cure other diseases. In many cases, the most effective way to restore optimal health of both body and mind, is to supplement your diet with herbs and other ways, which helps balance the natural simultaneously both systems, without causing side effects harmful.
Here are five plants absolutely necessary that might be just what the body needs to achieve optimal health, physical and mental:

1) Turmeric. Turmeric, the main active component or as curcumin, is one of the most studied plants clinically today, and possessing strong ability of the mind-body healing. A healing herb common to traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, turmeric possesses a unique ability to alleviate and even cure inflammation common cause of many chronic and autoimmune disorders haunt people today.

Due to its natural ability to normalize various physiological processes affected joint life stress and other factors, turmeric is thought to be one of the most powerful adaptogen that helps balance the system and facilitates and promotes healthy metabolism and nutrient uptake. By counteracting those stressors biological, chemical and physical agents causing diseases, turmeric may actually heal and protect against diseases that affect both mind and body

2) Ginger. Often underestimated as food because of banality, ginger is another powerful healing plant that was used in the world to prevent and cure diseases of all kinds. Some of the many benefits of ginger include its ability to stabilize a nervous or upset stomach, which can lead to some mental anxiety disorder and other physiological functions. Ginger has long been consumed raw for general calming effect of which can help general health, simultaneously with stopping the disease.

Ginger helps to improve digestion specifically by helping to break down protein and fat, which in turn prevents gas, intestinal blockage, and other adverse conditions may reduce immune function and can trigger the disease. Ginger supplementation may help lower blood pressure, relieve morning sickness in pregnant women and reducing bad cholesterol levels.

3) Aloe vera. Like ginger, aloe vera possess an incredible ability to alleviate nausea, improve digestion, cleanse the colon and digestive tract, and maintain healthy and functioning bowel elimination. Aloe vera can help relieve inflammation and improve blood oxygenation, two benefits that the people can make a big difference in promoting sustainable healthy.

In fact there are so many benefits of Aloe vera gel or as simply adding this powerful and juicy juice from the plant daily diet can effectively remedy a whole lot of physical and mental illnesses, including cardiovascular disease, arthritis, stones kidneys, ulcers, hypertension, nutritional deficiencies, constipation, diabetes, candida and other fungal infections, skin disorders, and cancer.

4)Tea tree oil. Typically used for topical application to cure various diseases and skin infections, tea tree oil is considered by many to be “miraculous healer of nature”. An extremely versatile oil healer good at all, tea tree oil, which comes from tree Melaleuca is an exceptionally powerful antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antiviral, healing, bactericide, fungicide, insecticide, stimulant and sudorific, able to treat many different physical and mental illness.

Melaleuca tea consumption, for example, especially mixed with other herbs such as rosemary beneficial, passion flower, hibiscus and ginseng may help calm nerves and relieve simultaneously providing sustained energy and motivation. Adding a few drops of tea tree oil in a broadcast device, alone or mixed with other essential oils can also help clean the lungs and airways, to promote alertness, increase feelings and general health and wellness.

5) The holy basil. Another powerful adaptogenic herb, basil is known for helping to lift mood and soothe the mind. As about ginseng and licorice, about holy basil is said to enhance the mind-body-spirit connection through action on health diseases attacking each of these important human systems. Besides relieving stress in general and increase the immunity, holy basil help fight chronic inflammation, increase energy, promote mental clarity and thought, and improving digestion.

Known more commonly by Tulsi, holy basil is known for his ability to fight against various allergies and allergic symptoms that often lead to feelings of “brain fog” and mental incapacity. Those who basil their diet, especially with other adaptogenic plants are able to breathe better, digest food better, to think better, and in general feel better, regardless of disease disrupts their health .

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medicinal plants

Phytotherapy – Healing With Medicinal Plants

The name comes from the Greek phyton phytotherapy, which means the plant and therapy treatment. Curing diseases with plants is a science of the beginning is lost in the mists of time. Healers and witches who knew the secrets of medicinal plants were always respected and even feared. Nowadays, healing qualities of plants are highlighted by scientific methods. The chemical composition shows the content of substances necessary, but not all.
Pioneers in phytotherapy
In 1939, Kirlians in Russia, found that plants exposed photo in an electric field of high voltage and frequency appear surrounded by a halo bright polychrome. But when they were photographed objects or inorganic elements, this type of halo does not appear – which has led to the two researchers to conclude that plants, like any other organic element, are adjured by an aura of bioenergy. This aura beneficial human body can be transferred if the plant is not subject to any heat treatment. Another interesting discovery took place in the early twentieth century. Researchers Louise Ehrenfried Pfeiffer Kolisko and in Germany have revealed that specific resonance energy pattern of a plant and is maintained even after it was cut or ground. It was enough a small amount of powder or a few drops of sap from a plant that is mixed with copper chloride, to appear in the precise shape and substance crystallized around the plant from which came the dust or sap.
How does PLANTS healing work
Even before the disease to install physical, energetic structures of the human body are disrupted. Plants act on several fronts: both physically, through chemical compounds they contain, as well as energy level, their structure harmonious balancing problems there. As each disease has a deeper cause, the plants can reach and resolve. The only drawback would be lasting. A treatment plant needs more time to show effective than one medication that can give results very quickly. But, most often, drugs heal for a while, after which the disease recurs and will take other medicines. Plants act, yet in a shorter time than the disease installed. If you are struggling with problems stomach or gallbladder that lasts for years, a herbal treatment will take only a few months to resolve the issue. forever. Obviously, in cases where the disease is acute infectious or require emergency surgery, herbal remedies will have to wait and synthetic substances and they will show their effectiveness in the short term.
HERBAL Remedies
In what form is administered herbal remedies? The easiest way is to grind the plant and take it with a spoon to keep it under your tongue for about 20 minutes, then to swallow water. The powder can be embedded in honey, packed in boxes or tablet form. The advantage is that it does not suffer any action on the thermal and solvents that may altering its properties. Another solution is steeping very healthy and simple: put crushed herb in water and leave there a few hours, then strain and drink the liquid thus obtained the same day. The infusion or tea is obtained by putting plants in boiling water and decoction by boiling them in water. Even if they are affected by the heat, do not lose total properties and in some cases even this heat makes the difference. Tincture is obtained by macerating plants in alcohol for several days, depending on the recipe. The remedy so obtained is taken as drops. Plants can be macerated in wine or oil, and can be used both internally and externally, as appropriate.
Some herbal remedies
In case of cold drink infusion of marjoram to sweat more easily and basil infusion of revitalizing and refreshing. Stuffy nose resolve if you put in a bag and placed it grated horseradish forehead to the nose. Cough, prepare a decoction of dry onion peel. In case of ulcers, Sea Buckthorn oil taken half an hour before your meal can be helpful. Same plantain juice and tea of chamomile flowers. Ball and liver problems are solved using chicory, which can make salad or infusion. Other teas that help those in artichokes, or dandelion celandine – bitter herbs, but very effective. These treatments are typical and indicative. To get a truly effective treatment, you should consult a doctor with expertise in phytotherapy, which will prescribe remedies custom. Learn more herbal remedies on insightstate.

Health vegetarianism

The Health Benefits Of Vegetarianism

If only a few years ago were considered extreme vegan diets, now more and more people adopt this strict diet to lose weight and have a healthier life.

Vegan diets are becoming more adherents who believe that a plant-based diet, but balanced, is the healthiest lifestyle. This diet is plant-based and exclude all animal products, including milk, cheese and eggs, which are allowed in some vegetarian diets.

“Well-planned vegan diets are healthy, nutritionally adequate and provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases,” said Vandana Sheth, spokesman for the American Dietetic Association.

Vegan diet became popular in 2011 after several personalities have announced that they have adopted this lifestyle to heal various diseases. The main promoter of his vegan diet was former US President Bill Clinton, who gave up barbecues and eating fast food for vegetarian food. Actor Larry Hagman, who plays the character JR Ewing in the TV series “Dallas” has weakened 11.3 kg, after becoming vegan, trying to fight the cancer that was diagnosed several months ago.

People who follow a vegan diet enjoys a number of health benefits such as¬† low level of cholesterol and glucose levels, a healthy body mass index and a lower risk of suffering from cardiovascular¬† vascular diseases or cancer. “Those dieters do not have to worry about cholesterol because it is found only in animal products,” explains Vandana Sheth nutritionist.

A diet for all ages

Studies have shown that vegan diets are suitable for people of all ages, even those at the crucial stage of life like growing children, pregnant or nursing women, and extremely active athletes.

Critics argue that vegan diet people adopted this lifestyle will lose many essential nutrients found in animal products. Nutritionists say that it is no longer a serious concern, but warns that people who have a vegan diet should pay attention to the nutrients from the daily menu.

Surprisingly, vegans do not have to worry about dietary protein intake, even if the plants are not the best sources of protein as it contains the full range of amino acids that the human body needs to function healthy.

“It is true that, unlike animal proteins, most plants do not contain all the amino acids needed by our bodies, but a bean plus cereal grains form a complete protein. As long as the body will receive a variety of grains and vegetables will be well – and they do not necessarily have to be eaten at the same time, “says nutritionist Andrea Giancola.

A person can get enough vegan protein beans, lentils, tofu, soy and other vegetable sources such as seeds and nuts. In addition, there are some super foods like quinoa or soy products containing protein complex.

“As long as you have a varied diet throughout the day, your body can mix and nutrients to get everything he needs,” says the doctor.

Solutions for nutritional deficiencies

The most important nutrients that vegans must include in their diet are vitamin B12, a key element in cell metabolism, nerve function and blood production, and calcium, necessary for bone health. Animal products are rich in vitamin B12, and dairy products contain lots of calcium. However, vegans can obtain these nutrients from cereals and fortified dairy such as milk soy or rice. Leafy green vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage and kale are also good sources of calcium.

“A person must be a vegan smart consumer and read labels every time they buy to make sure they are fortified”, say nutritionists.

Vegans must also ensure that assimilates enough iron from the diet, which is essential in the creation of hemoglobin, the blood protein that delivers oxygen to cells and tissues throughout the body. Again, animal products are much richer in iron, but may be replaced with plant foods such as dried beans, green leafy vegetables and fortified dairy substitutes are good sources of iron.

“The body can absorb more iron from food if they also contain vitamin C. So it is a good idea to prepare, for example, eating spinach with a tomato or citrus dressing to help iron absorption in the body “American nutritionist says.

Omega-3 fatty acids is probably the biggest challenge for vegan nutrition, according to two nutritionists. They have an important role in brain function and cardiovascular health and are found in large amounts only in fatty fish such as salmon, die-smoking your food vegan. Some plant sources – seeds, soybeans, pumpkin seeds and walnuts – contain a type of omega-3, but not the same that is found in fish and does not know if it has the same health benefits.

Eating raw vegan miraculous body

Generally in all diet, nutritional deficiencies occur when the percentage of cooked food is much too big to food of plant origin, says Ligia Pop, chef specializes in vegan cuisine without fire. The solution is simple, try to add daily diet not only a large amount of fruit, but a large amount of local vegetables as raw, especially beets and vegetables full of chlorophyll. Thus, deficiencies and possible anemia are removed.

“Compared to where their food vegan diet is the basic raw food diet (raw vegan) put greater emphasis on high intake of vegetable products in the natural state in a proportion of more than 60-75% and the remaining 40 -25% vegan food cooked in pots slow cooking, baked, steamed or in earthen vessels, “explains Ligia Pop, author of the cookbook” Vegan Recipes without fire “and germs and scions – health and energy sources.”

With raw vegan diet, most people weakened and were cured of serious illnesses, so this lifestyle has become a faith.

Vegan menu for a day

Breakfast: almond milk with dried fruit and sunflower seeds.
Lunch: vegetable soup creamy cashew cream, a slice of chocolate cake and mint.
Dinner: A “hamburger” raw vegan vegetable mayonnaise and tomato cream.

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